We Don't Offer Your Typical Training Plan, but then We're Not Your Typical Coaches

We're Maija & Jag.


And we're a couple who’s spent years working with clients ‘in the trenches,’ practicing our craft, and learning everything you need to know about losing weight and getting healthy safely and SUSTAINABLY.

Have you ever found that when you first start a diet, the weight loss is fast...

but then the longer you carry on, the less weight you lose each week, until eventually, you’re not losing anything?


This is one of the key signs that your metabolism is slowing, due to a chronically low calorie intake. And one of the major perils of traditional dieting.


Thing is, you do need to lower your calories to lose weight. But do it too much, and you’re only setting yourself up for long-term failure and weight regain.

Sorry, we hate to burst any bubbles. But dieting shouldn’t result in any huge cravings.

You can be full.


You can eat good foods.


You can have ‘junk’ and still get results.

Its just a matter of devising a plan that is specific to you.

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