We'll coach you through a process that works.

"Jag changed my life...


 Working with him completely changed the way I viewed fitness and myself.


I learned to push myself physically and mentally, and got closer to understanding myself.


Ultimately he inspired me to become a personal trainer too, and I'm eternally grateful."


 -Alex Stanton

Tap into Your Highest Frequency

Redefine your boundaries through science-based personalized nutrition coaching and training programs. 


No Dogma. Just Results.



Look better naked...and in clothes.


Get strong, muscular, and athletic. 

 Take control of your health.



Do You Want  To:



Being bored at the gym and not seeing any results?


Guessing how much to eat without any guidelines or direction?



Are You Sick of:



Using our unique approach that incorporates aspects of mindfulness, exercise, & nutrition we have helped countless professionals feel great about themselves without compromising the other important parts of life: family, friends, and work.

Your transformation starts now!

Meet the Coaches:

- Jag Singh

Resonate was created by Maija and Jag to help others discover the best versions of themselves.


We are driven by our love for exercise, food, the planet, and our innate desire to give back to others.


We have experienced firsthand what it is like to feel disconnected, and out of alignment with our deepest desires. Making the decision to take control of our health was the first step in creating a life we could be excited about each day.


After years of fine-tuning our own health habits, we are ready to share what has worked (and what hasn’t) with others who are embarking on their own quest to wellness.


Our philosophy is based in ancient wisdom, with a high regard for the advances of modern science.


We hope you choose to resonate with us.

- Maija Erickson

People are saying great things

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Maija and Jag are both fantastic! They are so knowledgeable and will push you to your limits! Personal training with Maija has not only been fun, but has made me stronger and faster than I have ever been!

-Michelle Gorman

*Inquire For More Information on Duet and Small Group Training

*Prices Vary at Each Location 

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